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Rossi audio

Rossi Audio is all about that "old school" sound we all love so much. We offer Car audio, HI-FI, Studio, and PA speakers. 
If you are looking for loudspeakers, then you have come to the right place.

Our Memphis store
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Loudspeaker Sales & Services
Custom loudspeakers
We are a dealer for several known brands, we also have the ability to create custom speakers.
We offer new and used speakers, and we are always on the look-out for the next set of speakers.
We also have other types of Vintage audio equipment.

Rossi Audio is the company, Bad Dog Speakers is the brand.
We will build custom speakers as a limited quantity, with some as a one of a kind, and others produced in limited numbers.
We do not build custom speakers based on customer drawings at this time, but that does not mean we will build on request later on.

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Rossi Audio has more than 29 years of experience, and we only use top quality equipment.
We also sell the finest and best gear.

Do you want speakers that are different from those that are mass produced?
Do you want the coolest speakers, for the best party sound?
Do you want speakers that have a high-en​d sound and looks great?
Do you want that "vintage sound" in a custom cabinet?

No matter what you want, like or need, we got it!!

Rossi Audio welcomes you to explore what we have to offer, if you see anything you like, contact us by email or on Facebook.

We are located in Memphis,TN. and can ship across the U.S, and around the globe.

Rossi Audio custom speakers.
We build custom speakers because the market is filled with what we believe is inferior speakers. We wanted to do something about that, so we build better, cooler, more exciting speakers than what is currently on the market. We want to build limited models that wil stand out, which will be included in our "collectors series". 
We love the sound of old vintage gear that includes speakers from the 50's, 60's and 70's, which have awesome sound quality compared to current mass produced speakers.

Fedex shipping
Speakers can be big, bulky, and heavy, so shipping of these is not easy.
We offer Fedex shipping on most items under 70lbs to residents, and 150lbs to business addresses with a loading ramp.
Bigger speakers must be shipped cargo or freight at customers cost.
Shipping will be calculated and charged the customer by a separate invoice when the item/speakers are packed and redy to be shipped.
​It will then go out with Fedex Ground.
Freight must be arranged by the customer, we can be helpful with a list of companies, and will provide all information needed.
Speakers will be packed on pallets.

International shipping must be cleared before any purchase is made.